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About Us

GadgetDuck.com is a webstore based in Washington, DC.  It is a follow-on venture to KneeDefender.com, which was started in 2003 to sell (wait for it)... Knee Defender™.  The launch of Scanner Bag™ inspired a search for a store name with somewhat greater breadth, and thus GadgetDuck.com was born.

Our products have been reviewed by hundreds of media outlets in the United States and internationally – television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and on-line.  Of the general-interest majors, USA Today, Associated Press, and ABC's Good Morning America were among the first, while the Los Angeles Times and Maxim magazine are among the most recent.  Add to these the thousands of forum and newsgroup comments and – whether it's the clever-if-controversial Knee Defender™ or the equally handy Scanner Bag™ – everyone who has used our products agrees that they do what we say they do.  Furthermore, we stand behind our products and we answer your e-mail with personal (not canned) responses.

Thank you for visiting GadgetDuck.com™.  We hope you find something here that you like.  If you have any questions or comments, please do write to us.

Again, thank you.



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