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Ballistic nylon case,
full leather trim
Ballistic nylon case,
leather tab
Leather-like vinyl
SB402-BL SB404-BB SB405-PV
Closed: 3"x4.5"x0.6" Closed: 3"x4.5"x0.6" Closed: 3"x4.5"x0.8"
Open: 8"x10.5" Open: 8"x10.5" Open: 6.8"x10.5"
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A compact luggage ID tag when closed - a handy zippered pouch when open
A luggage tag with a quick-fold pouch inside – to hold your stuff when going through security.
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At Airport Security, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff –
Put It All in a Scanner Bag™

At a security checkpoint – when you have to "take all metal items off and out of your pockets" – where do you put everything?

Your cell phone, keys, jewelry, pen, iPod, iPhone, coins, Blackberry®, and whatever else you think might set off the detectors – all that stuff?

Do you start looking for one of those small plastic dishes?

With Scanner Bag™ you now have a better way.

Scanner Bag™ is a new, unique travel accessory that's –

  • A luggage tag with something extra.
  • Clever, convenient, and easy to use.
  • An at-the-ready stuff holder for all your pocket stuff.
  • Good-looking and compact – leave on your carry-on/ briefcase all the time.
  • An ID tag – with an ID/business card window inside its cover flap to discreetly hold your contact information.
  • More secure – keeps everything together.
  • Protection against forgetting your things at security, since they are attached to your carry-on.
Press Reviews for Scanner Bag

  • Perfect travel accessory - Scanner Bag press review links "Why it flies: You save time by stashing valuables in the bag while waiting in line at the checkpoint; your items stay together attached to a carry-on or briefcase; your business card or name and phone number on the luggage tag are insurance should you leave the bag behind."
    USA Today,
       Kitty Bean Yancey
  • "A smart product that makes getting through security a little easier."
    PC World, Steve Bass,
       Contributing Editor
  • "The perfect place to tuck a cell phone, iPod, Blackberry, pens, change and keys when going through airport security."
    MSNBC - Tripso, Charlie Leocha,
       Travel columnist
  • "A new product that promises to expedite your trip through a TSA checkpoint... The new Scanner Bag is pure genius."
    Elliot.org, Christopher Elliott,
       Nationally syndicated travel writer

In short, Scanner Bag™ is an at-the-ready stuff holder for all of that stuff you have to take off and take out of your pockets at security. No longer will you have to rush to find one of those plastic dishes or somewhere else to stash it all for its ride down the scanner belt.And, when your stuff emerges from the scanner at the other end, you won't have to rush to put everything back where it should be.

While you're waiting in line at security, just put all of your "metal items" into the zippered nylon pouch of your handy Scanner Bag™.

And, because it all rides down the scanner belt attached to your briefcase or carry-on, it's easy to grab everything at the other end of the belt.

Even better, Scanner Bag™ makes it easy to really grab-and-go – no need to reload your pockets while standing at security.

Instead, your stuff can remain secure in your Scanner Bag™ – which stays attached to your carry-on – as you rush off to your plane or meeting.

When it's more convenient for you – when you get to the gate, while waiting for the elevator. or after you've found someplace to sit down – then you can open your Scanner Bag's pouch to put your watch back on and reload your pockets with your stuff.

Patent pending Scanner Bag™ was purposefully designed to be both compact and quick to use. Its zippered pouch can be unfolded for use or folded away in just a few seconds.

So, while in one hand you are holding your carry-on with your Scanner Bag™ attached, with your other hand you can quickly open your Scanner Bag™ and start dropping your stuff into its pouch.

And if you do want to put your stuff back into your pockets while on-the-run to your plane, it's also easy to empty and quickly fold up your Scanner Bag™ while still holding your carry-on.

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